Share Your Thoughts – Contribute Ideas About Issues That Matter

The Share step is where you share your thoughts on a series of open-ended questions.

What you need to know as you take part in the Share step:

  • You will be sent a customized invitation. No login or password is required.
  • Your thoughts will be shared during the Star step, but your name will not be publicly associated with your thoughts or stars.
  • We never edit or change your thoughts, but they will be checked and inappropriate thoughts removed.

Please explore the frequently asked questions below to learn more.

Share Step

What happens in the Share step?

In the Share step you are asked for your thoughts on questions important to the group.

To share your thoughts, you will access Thoughtexchange online and type your replies. No login or password are required.

This is in an open forum style where everyone gets an equal chance to have their say.

Are your thoughts really important to the conversation? Absolutely, without a doubt!

Will people know what thoughts I have shared?

The thoughts you shared and the stars you assign may be seen publicly but your name will not be publicly associated with those thoughts or stars.

We keep private that it was you that shared your thoughts. We will not share the link between you and your thoughts and stars with anyone, including our customers.

Why are the questions so general?

Because we are truly curious about what you think. We want to give you lots of room to tell us your thoughts in any area.

If the questions are too detailed, we would miss out on some really great ideas.

  • Questions are broad so that you and the rest of the community can shape the conversation.
  • Questions are open-ended so that they do not suggest pre-determined answers.

So please, add your thoughts and see where the conversation goes.

There’s no save button – is my data saved?

Yes, we save frequently for you.

We appreciate your participation and know the time it takes to enter your thoughts and assign your stars. We save your thoughts and stars frequently so you can focus on sharing your thoughts and reading the thoughts of others. You may even see our little “saving…” indictor when it is busy at work.

We don’t save if you close your browser window or tab, but we do warn you that you may lose your work.

Are thoughts ever removed or changed?

We believe in good manners and thoughtful thoughts.

We take time to review each individual thought that is added to the conversation.

We never edit or change thoughts. It’s true! The thoughts you see are the unedited voice of the person who wrote it.  Typos and all.

We sometimes remove thoughts. But, this only happens when it is rude or hurtful to a person or a group of people or does not answer the question.

How do you moderate thoughts?

Once everyone has entered their thoughts, we look at each thought to see if it is okay to continue on.

We know that when we remove a thought we are censoring that thought so that it cannot be read by others. We take this very seriously.

We also want to ensure that as many voices as possible are heard.  It requires a fine balance to be open to freedom of speech while protecting staff, children and community members from hurtful or even hateful language.

A thought will be flagged and removed if it is:

  • Rude or hurtful to a person or a group of people
  • Does not answer the question

We know that thoughts can be critical without being rude or hurtful and these thoughts will remain a part of the conversation.

If a thought does not answer the question (i.e. “I don’t know” or emoticons) it is removed as it doesn’t add any value to the conversation and it provides unnecessary clutter for participants to wade through.